Arse Race is ten years old!!!

Arse Race

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Arse Race was born some time around May 2001.. it’s amazing how time flies. Over the years, I’ve been toying with the idea of making a sequel, and that idea has never gone away, but there are a number of hurdles (as it were) to overcome.

Some people react very badly to the inclusion of arses in a game, considering them to be immature and childish. Some people find the concept of disembodied butts roaming around to be hilarious. I’m with the second crowd, and yes, I admit it, I’m pretty childish. Arseteroids got some pretty bad reactions due to its butt-centric content and I have to admit that I was very surprised and taken aback.

Arses are also quite hard to deal with as characters. They have no limbs, and no face, and we don’t want to give people a view straight up the crack. Representing them in 3d is difficult because then we may have to address the problem of what appears on the front of the butt. Probably the easiest way to address this would be to have a wraparound ass crack which comes part way up the front – but that might turn out obscene, gross, or just downright horrific, especially if it’s a dank and hairy crevice.

Another aspect of a sequel would (of course) be gameplay. The original game is very basic and is not actually that great. The gambling aspect causes your “score” (i.e. your cash) to accumulate exponentially over the five races, and although there is some skill involved, you need to get very lucky to get to the top of the high score table. The very high scores also upset people, leading to accusations of “hacking”.

Despite the difficulties, there are a great deal of possibilities. I’ll explore some of them in later posts – the legacy of Arse Race is far from dead.

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11 Responses to Arse Race is ten years old!!!

  1. Baron Von BlindDog says:

    Pish, my dear Chridmeister: Arse Race is the finest game on the net, and I’ll eat my own entrails if that not be so.

  2. I remember blagging an interview landing myself an IT desktop support job in Spring 2001 at the OU and all of us lads in our team would pretend to be busy at our desks and would be constantly playing Arserace what a classic game absolutely love it!!!!
    Big Up tp the Arserace crew – Scott – Gareth – Matt – Matt – Simon!

  3. Mr. Fartalot says:

    Arse Race is great as it is. Pitty you censor so many words for us to put on the scores table (‘sexy’ for ‘gay’, p ex). If I ever do a tattoo it will be as Arse Race one.

    • Chridmeister says:

      Unfortunately we had to censor the high score table as people were using it to post hateful things, and that was causing us trouble.

      • Al Francis says:

        I never noticed any hate. Only a bit of laddish behaviour.

        • Chridmeister says:

          I’m glad you didn’t notice it 🙂 There was one day when the high score table suddenly filled up with racism, homophobia etc and we acted really quickly to get rid of it. Nothing wrong with laddishness, it’s that kind of game 🙂

  4. Stan Hopper says:

    Hi Chrid,

    Congratulations on giving the world a classic.
    However, it has recently stopped loading beyond the green background screen. Hope you can fix it soon. Also, the game will not be half as much fun without the high score table.


  5. Al Francis says:

    ArseRace isn’t working 🙁

    • Chridmeister says:

      I think the high score server shut down quite a while ago, and modern browsers are starting to block Flash. Who knows, maybe I’ll make a new version for modern browsers one day.

  6. Arse Race Fans United Around the World says:

    On behalf of the many fans of ArseRace I ask Chrid to give us access to this game again! Please!!!!!!!

  7. daniel says:

    Shame the game is no longer working i have used this game at least once every week now i cant use it.
    would be great if yiou can bring it back a new version i would even pay.

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